How to build the bar-shaped house

How to build the bar-shaped house

It is pleasant to spend the days off in eco-friendly country house which can be constructed own hands, without spending for it big money. Correct srubovy the house differs from brick in ideal microclimate, it perfectly keeps heat. How to build the house of bar?


1. Preparatory stage – development of the project of the house of your dream with full accounting of its functionality: the interior area, the sizes, the number of floors, assignment of the house – summer giving or residential building, the number of rooms and stylistics.

2. The base – basis for future house. Therefore it is important to respect all obligatory rules. There are three main types of the base: tiled, tape and column. Before choosing one of the listed types, carefully investigate soil on which there will be construction of the house and also consider weather conditions of the region and the material resources. The most optimal variant of laying of the foundation for the house from bar – tape small - buried, it will provide the strongest platform.

3. Lay the first wreath from well dry-through bar on the base and connect corners in the way "half-lap" (connection of two bars at right angle, by cutting of ledge to the middle of bar). The following wreaths should be collected "thorn in groove" (each wreath of bar has to have special fastenings in the form of dowels and opening for them). It is necessary in order that when drying tree has not led bar aside.

4. In the course of assembly of the srubovy house lay each row mezhventsovy sealant. For this purpose it is possible to use tow, traditional moss or more modern materials – jute or lnovatin. It is strictly forbidden to use for warming sealants, polyurethane foam or mineral wool. Lnovatin or the jute cloth is convenient in application as is on sale in rolls, it will be necessary only to cut material on strips of the necessary width and to fix on bar by means of the construction stapler.

5. Door and window openings – important point in construction of the bar-shaped house. Apertures do not do during assembly time of walls at once. When time for insert of windows comes, cut apertures of the necessary size and insert the strengthening box, having left small space from above (several centimeters), it is necessary for shrinkage of walls. Do the same with apertures for future doors.

6. Has come it is time to start construction of roof. For drag struts and racks use boards of 100х40 millimeters, for rafters – 150х40 millimeters. Mount them with step to one meter. Use edging board 25 millimeters thick as furring, mount it through each 40 centimeters. This way is good if as material the gofrolist or professional flooring is used.

7. The house from bar does not need special finishing. But if you have desire to make that, consider the fact that it is necessary to begin finishing at least 8-12 months later after construction of the house, that is after full shrinkage of tree.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team