How to build the cheap base

How to build the cheap base

The question of how it is possible to save on construction of the house, concerns very many people. The sum which is taken away on construction of the base is about one third from the total cost of construction.


1. For a start define base type. Consider, continuous footing is much cheaper, than base slab. The cheapest type is column. If you want to build big country house to areas where there is high level of underground water, then surely observe technology of creation of continuous footing. Otherwise the building will gradually collapse.

2. You remember, the tape type of the base can well be suitable for construction of the building which will have the big area. The column type is recommended to be used at construction of frame buildings. If soil diverse, then is the best of all to make base slab.

3. Do not forget about weather conditions. The large role is played by the level of freezing of the soil. The bases of any type very much are afraid of frost. It leads to destruction of design. If on the area of building very severe weather conditions, then the base it has to "be deeply put".

4. At construction of the column base instead of asbestos-cement water pipes you can use simple wooden columns. They do not concede in durability at all. However you have to remember some features of this type of construction material. The tree constantly is exposed to rotting. On this material the mold and fungus can be formed. These factors lead to total destruction of the base which is built on the basis of wooden columns. That these problems have not concerned you, burn all wood structures on weak fire. Then paste over their charred parts with roofing felt. Hot bitumen can be used as glue. Do columns with a diameter of 0.4 m. It is easiest way to save on construction of the base. At the same time you will not offer its quality. It is also worth noting that it is the best of all to be engaged in improvement in warm season.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team