How to build the greenhouse the to hands of polycarbonate

How to build the greenhouse the to hands of polycarbonate

In fight for harvest all means are good! Especially the reliable greenhouse helps with this fight. Modern option – the greenhouse from cellular polycarbonate: designs of this kind strong and durable (polycarbonate is 200 times stronger than glass) and also polycarbonate protects plants from harmful ultraviolet rays, providing at the same time each plant with necessary amount of light, and this material possesses excellent thermal insulation, in such greenhouse to harvest neither sharp temperature drops, nor suddenly come cold weather are terrible.


1. Begin construction of the greenhouse with construction of the base. It is possible to make it of bar is the simplest and cheap option. But life cycle of such base only several years. It is better to make continuous footing. It will be a little more expensive, but also it will serve to you ten times longer. Take base depth about half a meter, and width not less than 20 cm.

2. Make framework of future greenhouse. For this purpose buy iron galvanized profile in any shop of building materials. Fix sidewalls (and intermediate sections if they are) framework to the base and connect them longitudinal parts.

3. Start polycarbonate cutting. Polycarbonate easily is cut – it is possible to use the normal construction cutting torch or the electrofret saw. Remove shaving from internal cavities of the turned-out sheets. Stick edge edges of sheets with perforated tape, for prevention of hit of dust and providing drain of condensate.

4. Insert the turned-out sheets into grooves of profile of framework and fix them to longitudinal parts by self-tapping screws with thermowashers (they will provide sufficient thermal insulation, unlike normal self-tapping screws). The recommended fastening step – 30-40 cm. Revet faces according to the same scheme. Mount door and window leaf, and you can start operation of the greenhouse!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team