How to build the gym

How to build the gym

At construction of gyms it is necessary to consider the mass of architectural and design nuances among which special role is played by functional aspect. Special role is also played by the correct selection of construction materials.

It is required to you

  • - finishing materials;
  • - water-based paints;
  • - linoleum or laminate;
  • - mirrors.


1. Before starting planning of future building, decide what sports you will do there. If the hall intends for team games with ball (volleyball, basketball, handball, etc.), then height of ceilings has to be not less than 5 m, length - not less than 26 m and width - 14 m. If you are going to be engaged on exercise machines, then its area will depend on filling by sports equipment, and room height will equal 3-3.5 m.

2. For creation of gyms there are no strict requirements in planning, the most important - that was convenient to you. Take the classical rectangular room as basis and on the drawing "place" all your sports equipment in places. If there is need, add additional space.

3. Having decided to build the small hall for family sports activities, choose for finishing natural materials (the best option – tree). Use water-based paints. They quickly dry, are durable and do not allocate to the environment of toxic substances.

4. Pay special attention to covering of floors. If you have decided to lay linoleum, then consider that not all of them will be suitable for future gym. You need the linoleum made in accordance with GOST 18108-80. It practically does not emit harmful impurity in air. If suggest to buy you suspiciously cheap linoleum without the instruction state standard specification, most likely, it is linoleum for rooms with low passability of people. It several times toksichny, can also lead to sharp deterioration in health, especially in combination with intensive physical activities. You can also lay hall floors laminate. This material is stronger and less hazardous to health. If on linoleum the massive exercise machines leave dents, then laminate long keeps presentable look.

5. Leave one wall of the gym without windows. Upon termination of construction fix on it mirrors.

6. Think over also where there will be hygienic zone. After the training the person should take shower. And during the winter period the sharp temperature drop can become the cause of cold. Therefore unite the gym better with premises that you had not to go outside.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team