How to build the heated greenhouse

How to build the heated greenhouse

Use of the greenhouse allows to receive early vegetables and it is essential to prolong the fructification period in the fall. In case the greenhouse is heated, it is possible to prolong this period even more or to make cultivation of vegetables year-round.


1. At first decide on material which you will use for construction of the greenhouse. The simplest and cheap greenhouse will turn out when using easy wire frame and stretching by its normal polyethylene film. The lack of such greenhouse is that the film serves only one season. It is possible to use more expensive film which is specially intended for greenhouses - it will serve several seasons.

2. For more expensive greenhouse you will need the glazed frames. If it is supposed to grow up vegetables all the year round, glazing have to be double. That between glasses condensate did not accumulate, accurately miss the mark their edges with sealant. Frames are established on low, to half a meter, the brick base. It is the best of all to locate the greenhouse of one of side the party on the South, and to make the glazed roof single-pitch with bias towards the South. Such greenhouse can be attached to house wall - in this case there will be less costs of heating.

3. Choose way of heating of the greenhouse depending on its location and your opportunities. If the greenhouse is attached to the house, it can be connected to the available heating services. Make door from the house to the greenhouse - it will allow to exclude heat waste in cold time.

4. If it is not possible to connect the heating services which is available in the house to the greenhouse, make autonomous heating for the greenhouse. It is the simplest to heat the greenhouse the electric heater, but such way is very expensive. Therefore build the small furnace in the greenhouse.

5. The primitive furnace consists of five rows of brick with the sheet of thick metal laid from above. Instead of the sheet of metal it is better to use pig-iron cooking plate from the normal furnace or its half (make an incision "Bulgarian", then break off on cut). Such furnace will turn out very compact and convenient. For it you still need grid-iron, two oven doors – for fire chamber and ashpit – and oven valve on pipe. As a last resort, you can cover ashpit with brick.

6. Metal or asbestos pipe remove not less than on half-meter higher than the level of roof of the greenhouse. You remove pipe along wall in the greenhouse. If you make pipe external, a lot of heat will be wasted. Isolate pipe exit point from roof of the greenhouse strip of asbestos or asbestos cord.

7. From above put on pipe square, not less than 30 by 30 centimeters in size, the sheet of metal with the opening which is cut under pipe. The opening is cut out slightly smaller diameter, than pipe diameter, its edges are bent up. That during rain water did not get under metal, accurately paste its edges to roof surface heatresistant silicone sealant. Such sealant is glued even to glass and provides reliable waterproofing.

8. The primitive furnace can be made of piece of metal pipe with a diameter of 30-40 centimeters and about 50 centimeters long. The metal top with opening under smoke pipe with a diameter of 10-15 cm is welded on pipe, under it at distance of 30 cm the grid-iron – circular metal plate with the cut-through openings or slots for air access is welded in. The bottom is below welded in, two openings are sideways cut – for fire chamber and ashpit. Doors are made of thin plate of metal. From above the metal pipe is welded. The air current in such furnace is regulated by ashpit. It is possible to provide rotary round valve in pipe.

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