How to build the house of gas concrete

How to build the house of gas concrete

The gas concrete to belong to foam mortar and represents artificial stone. It is made with autoclave drying. Lime and aluminum powder at the expense of which at certain production technique time is formed is added to solution for production except cement, sand and water. Construction from gas concrete is economic and is made in short terms.


1. Features of construction from gas concrete are that from this material it is possible to build buildings no more than 2-3 floors and to do the reliable high base and the first floor. After completion of construction the gas concrete needs to be isolated from dampness as because of lime addition the influence of moisture can lead to material destruction.

2. For construction of load bearing walls of the building choose the brands of gas concrete which are specially intended for load bearing walls is the D 1000 and V 1200. All other brands on density correspond rather to production of insulating works. But the gas concrete density is higher, the heat-insulating characteristics are lower. Therefore right after completion of construction jobs it is necessary not only to isolate the house from moisture influence, but also to warm.

3. Only two views of the base are suitable for wall construction from gas concrete - it is strengthened tape or integral tiled. If to save on the base, then gas-concrete walls will burst up to breaks because this material is fragile and therefore it is impossible to save on the base at all.

4. If you have decided to build continuous footing, then surely consider condition of the soil. Ditch it is necessary to dig lower than the level of freezing, but above level of underground water. At construction from gas concrete to consider it especially important. In timbering establish powerful prefabricated reinforcement cage. Use cement for concrete only the high brand.

5. For fastening of gas concrete use the strengthened twisted dowels. Normal dowels will not be suitable for fastening which are used at brick wall construction.

6. After end of wall construction it is necessary to do roof at once. It is impossible to leave this stage the next year. As it was already written above, the gas concrete needs to be protected from moisture influence at once.

7. Fit all external walls paroizolyatsionny material and from above heat-insulating.

8. In wall it is also necessary to protect from moisture influence by paroizolyatsionny material.

9. All the rest is made as at normal construction.

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