How to build the house of straw and clay

How to build the house of straw and clay

Kneading clay and straw on water, you receive ancient construction material – adobe. It has excellent thermoinsulating and mechanical properties. It is very simple to build the small house of straw and clay.

It is required to you

  • - shovel;
  • - tarpaulin;
  • - clay;
  • - water;
  • - sand;
  • - straw.


1. For preparation of mix from straw and clay, dig out hole in the earth. Its size depends on your opportunities and also on the number of people who will be busy with this work. The hole has to be not deep – 30 cm. With bigger depth will hard mix components.

2. Lay polyethylene film or tarpaulin that mix did not stick to soil on bottom of hole. Pour water into the prepared hole. Wet in it clay. The main thing in this process – observance of proportion of clay, sand and water.

3. Define the correct proportion by practical consideration. Roll clay ball. Throw from height of 1 m on grass. If it has kept form – mix has the correct proportions. At insufficient amount of water the ball will break. The flat look says that there is a lot of clay and water.

4. From the picked-up proportion prepare necessary quantity of batch. Take edges of tarpaulin that mix has moved to the center. Legs carefully mix. Add straw and mix. Make trial ball. If it does not break at blow against the earth – mix is ready.

5. Create blocks of the necessary size from the received solution and begin laying. Thickness of walls is chosen depending on construction. The main thing to follow the basic rule – the basis has to have wide adobe blocks. At construction of the house – not less than 25 cm. Do blocks in height so that it did not creep. Length – on your discretion.

6. The laying is made without addition of binding material (cement). Just put blocks at each other. The lower row has to dry out completely that walls have not spread. At emergence of cambers cut off them knife.

7. Other way of construction of the house from straw and clay. Solution is put in removable timberings which are mounted on the frame basis. When walls are ready, remove timbering. Let's dry out to the building.

8. The roof for such houses is usually done thatch. Make the base and overlappings in the normal way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team