How to build the house without the base

How to build the house without the base

There are several ways to build the house without the base. The device of such basis will not involve big material inputs, but, judging by experience of ancestors, will serve not one decade.

It is required to you

  • - boulders
  • - clay
  • - sand
  • - automobile tires


1. Modern concrete foundations – expensive, but reliable designs. However, in not the so distant past when cement was invented yet, the people built buildings otherwise: without the base. Or rather, it was, but not it which is usual to the modern person.

2. One of the most pre-fabricated bases - from boulders. It does not concede on reliability and durability to concrete. But it is economically feasible to build it in those regions where there is no lack of large boulders. This construction material is free therefore expenses will be required only it on transportation and mounting.

3. It is simple build such basis: at first make marking and define contours of future base. Then start digging of trench of 30-40 cm in depth. The largest boulders need to be established in angular points so that their tops formed the horizontal plane. The bottom of trench is leveled and begin to stack on it stones of larger size.

4. Further, it is necessary to prepare sand-clay blockage by means of which condense gaps between boulders. The second row is spread from smaller stones, trying to arrange them so that they have formed the equal plane. The lower binding keeps within with support on angular boulders. After construction of the house built in the zavalinka warmed by ashes, straw, moss.

5. One more way to build the house without the base - build construction on the clay basis. For this purpose according to marking form ditch of 20-25 cm in depth. Its bottom is leveled by means of water level and carefully condensed. Then on contour of ditch build timbering from any sawn timber. Its height has to be such that the part towering over soil was basis of future zavalinka. Further, the hole is filled with clay, at the same time stamping it. Bearing capacity of this layer makes 12-15 kg/cm2 therefore such base will be able adequately to sustain the weight of karkasnik or the house from foam and gas concrete. After construction construction the timbering is filled with any loose heater: haydite, sawdust, dry bank sand.

6. The house without the base can be built on the waterproofing basis from automobile tires. They will execute at the same time two roles: timbering and shock-absorber. These products of automotive industry it is necessary to arrange on the soil leveled across so that they have formed the site corresponding to the base sizes.

7. Further, at each of tires it is possible to cut off top layer of rubber so that peculiar capacity has turned out. But more often builders prefer to leave to tire look inherent in it. Further, it is filled with sand, peskograviy, stones. Over the first layer of tires establish the second. In several months under building weight their contents will so be condensed that on durability will not concede to concrete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team