How to build the modern house

How to build the modern house

Quite often people are engaged in construction of country houses. Business it not simple also demands big physical and material inputs. Besides, it is necessary to have idea of highlights which you will surely face at construction.


1. Before starting construction of the house, it is necessary to prepare the construction plan. All thoughts have to be structured and represented on paper. After that once again everything needs to be considered. If your family consists of four people, then in the house there have to be at least three bedrooms, one large room for guests, kitchen and also the toilet room with shower cabin.

2. For a start it is necessary to build the base. By means of drill drill several openings with a diameter about 200 millimeters in the earth. Their depth has to be about 1 meter. 90 centimeters are the best of all to do openings at distance. After that establish on level in the drilled openings asbestos-cement pipes. Their inside diameter has to be not less than 100 millimeters, and length – 1.3 meters. Around pipes fill sand, fill in water and well stamp. In pipes fill in concrete solution.

3. That the house was strong, and flows on its construction were minimum, flights indoors make no more than length of construction wood. Surely consider thickness of walls. The fact is that length of standard boards is 6 meters, and thickness of walls of 170 millimeters. As a result, width of the room can turn out 5.4 - 5.6 meters.

4. After that be engaged in construction of framework. At first make the lower binding of boards of 150х50 millimeters. Lay them on edge on the ready base of future house. Connect internal boards of the lower binding with each other to the help of screws. To them attach average boards of the lower binding, and to them already and external boards.

5. After you have executed connection of boards of the lower binding, it is necessary to level upper part of boards. For this purpose use electroplanes. Surely check the level, diagonal and corners of the lower binding of future framework. Mark arrangement floor log. Then by means of the electrofret saw execute grooves in internal boards of the lower binding and fix floor logs to columns of the base and to the lower binding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team