How to build the smart house

How to build the smart house

The Smart home systems are created for the purpose of minimization of daily scenarios of actions by their programming and performance of the whole block of those by system automatically by pressing of one-two buttons on the remote control.

  • - universal control board of UR 76;
  • - TM13 transceiver;
  • - sensor of motion and illumination of MS13;
  • - dimeric LW12 micromodules;
  • - filter / most-povtoritel FD10;
  • - X10 controller with the timer MT10;
  • - computer CM11 USB interface;
  • - security Domotika system;
  • - DIGIMAX 210 thermostats.

1. Install the sensor of motion and illumination in the hall, insert the transceiver into the socket and connect two dimeric micromodules to the main lighting of the room. Make sure that socket and lighting networks are on one phase. If it not so, install the filter / most-povtoritel in distributive cabinet in the stairwell.

2. If in the house there is a little equipment, use the controller with the timer for possibility of control of the multimedia equipment from other room.

3. Buy universal control board of UR 76 and adjust management of the multimedia equipment from it. It will allow you to get rid of need to use 3-5 and more remote controls.

4. For realization of blocks of consecutive actions (macroes) use universal control board and SM computer interface 11 USB. Programming of this application is carried out by means of the computer, but upon termination of programming it works independently, being powered from the power supply network. It is possible to program from 25 to 39 macroes.

5. Install intrusion alarm system. For this purpose fix the sensors reacting to breaking glass, the sensor on outer door at windows, establish siren and register these elements on the security panel.

6. Use control of receipt of call for your mobile phone in case of operation of the alarm system on the security panel. If necessary connect motion sensors.

7. Install the system of microclimate in which all heating devices, including "heat-insulated floor" and also the conditioner are involved. This system thanks to the thermostats connected to devices is responsible for rational expenditure of the electric power and maintenance of the programmed mode of temperature and level of humidity.

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