How to build the thermohouse

How to build the thermohouse

Thermohouses enjoy unprecedented popularity. This results from the fact that it is simple to build these buildings, they have energy saving properties and the cost of construction of such constructions is rather low. Build thermohouses of expanded polystyrene.

It is required to you

  • - expanded polystyrene;
  • - waterproofing material;
  • - armature;
  • - concrete;
  • - wood beams;
  • - reinforced concrete slabs;
  • - finishing material for front works;
  • - gypsum cardboard;
  • - grid for plaster;
  • - fastening elements;
  • - engineering systems;
  • - construction tools.


1. The base in the thermohouse can be the most various. More often normal it represents reinforced concrete slab or tape monolithic basis.

2. Construct walls of the first floor of thermoblocks, at the same time surely execute their reinforcing. Between walls and socle blocks lay horizontal waterproofing. Besides, cover with waterproofing material the basement and socle.

3. Put up walls from thermoblocks, shifting them horizontally and vertically armature. After five rows are laid, fill in concrete solution in timbering openings. Repeat process to full wall construction.

4. Put heating, water and sewer systems and also electrical wiring in building walls. In masonry units cut canals to which lay pipes of engineering systems. And only after it only fill in concrete solution: the hardened concrete will perfectly protect pipes from damages.

5. Count reinforcing, proceeding from number of storeys of the thermohouse. It is better that calculation of diameter of armature was made by the qualified specialist: here mistakes are inadmissible. Too surely reinforce perimeter of apertures.

6. Make inserted floor heavy (reinforced hollow concrete slabs are for this purpose used) or lung (apply wood beams to these purposes).

7. Trim facade of the thermohouse built from expanded polystyrene with the special materials intended for blocks. Plain surface therefore it is possible to save on labor costs and volume of the used finishing material. In that case if walls are revetted with brick, under it surely build the base.

8. From within wall of the thermohouse trim with gypsum cardboard or plaster on grid.

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