How to buy saplings of fruit-trees

How to buy saplings of fruit-trees

Upon purchase of saplings of fruit-trees the gardener has to be extremely attentive, it is possible to receive low-quality planting stock, at the same time the plant will almost inevitably die. However the disappointment can be avoided if to conform to several simple rules when choosing plants.

What needs to be considered upon purchase of saplings?

Annually in the spring and in the fall before gardeners there is question of acquisition of new saplings of berry bushes, fruit-trees and long-term flowers.

In the beginning it is necessary to be defined, for what purpose you buy plant – you need early ripening, average or late variety what characteristics fruits, resistance of grade to wreckers and diseases have to have. It is the best of all to take an interest in it in advance, having read the corresponding literature.

You should not seek to buy fashionable novelties of fruit-trees if they are not zoned for your climatic zone – get the grades which were more adapted for local conditions.

Evaluate the area of the garden site – you have to consider that the adult plant will give shadow from krone therefore calculate how many saplings will be required to you. It is not recommended to condense too landings – in this case plants will oppress each other, they cannot be processed from wreckers, can there will be additional threats in the form of fungal and viral diseases. It is necessary to get the grades zoned for your climatic zone. They are more resistant to weather conditions, remain in severe winters better. It is necessary to buy saplings from the sellers having good reputation you should not buy plants from casual people in the market.

How to choose saplings of fruit-trees?

Before purchase attentively examine sapling, pay attention to its root system. It has to be well developed, without traces of podmerzaniye, dehumidification, decayed, on cut color of root has to be white. It is better to buy the implanted saplings in containers. It is possible to check condition of root system in this case, having slightly pulled for trunk – if the plant has not taken roots, it can easily be pulled out from container. It is so possible to reveal unfair sellers who offer just planted plants at inflated price.

Upon purchase of saplings by mail examine plants in the presence of the worker of mail if you do not accept quality of plants, at once write and send to the seller claim, and the post worker will testify it.

Examine the place of inoculation – on it there should not be foreign outgrowths, grew dull, bark cracking, has overgrown below this place. The next important point upon purchase of plant in the spring – condition of sapling. On plant there should not be dismissed leaves, the kidneys which only have bulked up. In this case the sapling will quicker acclimatize when landing. Fruit plants can be bought and planted in the spring and in the fall, but at autumn landing the plant with opening root system takes root better, without stress will go to growth with approach of heat and will quickly overtake in growth of the fellows landed in the spring.

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