How to buy the iron

How to buy the iron

It is very simple to buy the iron today – any shop will offer you set of models with various opportunities. How to choose the iron which would meet all your requirements? Let's try to understand it together.

1. Sole of irons. First of all pay attention to iron sole type. The quality of stroking depends on of what material the sole is made. Now producers offer models of irons with aluminum, ceramic soles, with teflon covering, from stainless steel. The most inexpensive of them are irons with aluminum sole. Advantages of such devices that they are easily cleaned quickly heat up and cool down. But such irons are fragile, because of careless handling on their sole there can be scratches that will affect quality of stroking. Irons with sole from stainless steel are also popular. Such models are practical, easy-to-work. Plus of this material is high strength. Concede to irons from stainless steel in durability also ceramic. Though on quality of stroking these irons some of the best. Irons reckon with ceramic-metal soles as stronger. Irons with teflon covering by right are the best. On quality of stroking they considerably exceed the others. Sticking of linen to working surface on such irons is almost excluded. They are strong, are also easily cleaned.

2. Steam supply. Today the most widespread - steam irons. At buyers models with horizontal otparivatel enjoy the greatest popularity. They are much cheaper and the quality of stroking at them meets all requirements. And models with the built-in steam generator equate to professional therefore also the price at them is rather high. Such models allow to iron long time without interruption.

3. Power. Special attention upon purchase should be paid on its power. Irons divide into three steps - up to 1500 W, from 1800 W, more than 2000 W. Of course, the quality of stroking also depends on power. But you remember, the iron is more powerful, the more you consume the electric power. Though now many producers have begun to provide special operating modes for saving of the electric power.

4. Cord length. When choosing the iron also cord length is not less important. Are most convenient for users of model whose length of network cord is from 1.9 to 2.5 meters. Models with wireless connection are also now produced. Such irons have no network cord. They connect to network by means of support, as at electric kettles. The convenience of wireless irons is that wires do not get under feet.

5. Other functions. Upon purchase pay attention to such parts as the weight, the iron handle, safety, the system of protection against scum. Having decided on set of necessary functions, you will be able to choose for yourself the most optimal variant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team