How to calcinate pig-iron frying pan

How to calcinate pig-iron frying pan

The procedure of calcinating of pig-iron frying pan needs to be done as for new frying pan, and periodically in use, for example, when the frying pan has lost non-stick properties.

It is required to you

  • Pig-iron frying pan;
  • Sunflower oil;
  • Salt (not necessarily);
  • Laundry soap.


1. First of all right after acquisition of frying pan it is necessary to remove factory lubricant from frying pan surface. For a start it is necessary to wash in sink frying pan with warm water with laundry soap or normal cleaning agent. It is possible to wash with both normal rags, and special brush for washing of ware. The important point - frying pan needs to be washed out well from residues of soap or cleaning agent.

2. The second stage it is necessary to calcinate frying pan. It is necessary to do it to evaporate moisture and residues of lubricating oil from cast iron time. Some producers recommend to calcinate with salt, however many users on the Internet do not recommend to do it as after that the surface of frying pan begins to rust quicker. The easiest way, it to put frying pan on fire and to calcinate on average fire until the bottom does not brighten and from frying pan couples and unpleasant smell do not cease to go. Thus burns out lubricating oil and residues of water with cleaning agent. After that the frying pan needs to allow to cool down.

3. The last stage is processing by oil. This procedure needs to be made for two reasons. First, to protect frying pan from rust. Secondly, to give to surface non-stick properties. Use normal refined sunflower oil. Following procedure. After the frying pan has cooled down, put it on plate again and heat approximately to 100-150 degrees. Disconnect plate and oil vegetable all working surface of frying pan, including sides.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team