How to calculate amount of concrete for filling of floor

How to calculate amount of concrete for filling of floor

Concrete is universal construction material which is used for the organization of the bases, alignment of various surfaces, including filling of floors, and construction of load-carrying structures. Most precisely to plan time of performance of work on concreting and to define exact amount of material, it is necessary to make calculations for identification of the required volume of concrete weight in advance.


1. The majority of concrete structures has the irregular geometrical shape. It concerns also the floor device by means of concrete tie. To facilitate calculation of volume of concrete for this purpose, break all design into simpler parts. It will significantly increase speed of carrying out calculation. If it is going to use the reinforcing elements which make not less than five percent of total amount of filling, this error can be carried safely to assembly losses, and therefore to consider it optional.

2. The tie of floor allows to level covering for further dressing. Tie thickness depending on quality class can be from 40 to 100 mm. Thinner tie is subject to premature cracking, and thicker – to long drying.

3. For filling of floor it is necessary to approach calculation of obem of concrete with all responsibility as the lack of material can have an adverse effect on quality of the built design.

4. If the tie keeps within on plain, horizontal surface, then for calculation of volume of concrete use the following formula: V = S x H, where S – tie surface area, and H – its thickness. For example, at the room space equal of 20 sq.m and thickness tie of 0.07 m, the volume of mix will be equal to 1.4 m3.

5. It is possible to determine the volume of concrete and in a different way. For this purpose measure thickness of future tie and floorage then increase the received sizes. Increase result by account coefficient 1.02.

6. To determine concrete volume for filling in kilograms, increase the received amount of concrete by 490, as a result you learn how many kilograms of cement will leave on floor devices in your house. Increase the received amount of cement by three and receive the necessary volume of sand. According to construction rules, on one cubic meter of concrete solution 490 kg of cement undertake.

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