How to calculate amount of glue for pokleyka of wall-paper

How to calculate amount of glue for pokleyka of wall-paper

During repair which assumes pasting of walls wall-paper inevitably there is question of selection of necessary glue for them. Today the market offers such number of structures that only the professional can not get confused in them, the others sometimes act at random.

It is known that wall-paper happens several types, and to each of them there corresponds the certain paste. If you want your efforts on decoration of the walls to be not in vain, then have to follow rules of selection and combination of materials and also rules of calculation of the necessary quantity of each of them.


Pokleyka of wall-paper demands obligatory primer of walls, this peculiar ritual will help wall-paper to be pasted strongly to wall. For primer it is possible to use special priming or normal wallpaper branded glue on which there is mark "for priming".

For simplification of the choice it is possible to use for pretreatment of walls the same wallpaper glue, as for pokleyka, then on its packing it has to be specified "for primer of walls before pokleyka". It is also necessary to consider that different types of wall-paper demand various consumption of glue on primer and pokleyka.

Calculation and drawing

Calculations of amount of glue are made in two directions: for primer and for pasting of walls. Each producer supplies packing with structure the detailed instruction about way of its preparation, use and calculation, however there are some basic indicators. So, for normal paper wall covering you need from 70 to 80 grams of ready structure per 1 square meter of the area for primer, and from 42 to 48 – for pokleyka. For vinyl wall coverings: from 70 to 80 grams of ready structure per 1 square meter of the area for primer, and from 28 to 34 – for pokleyka. Textile and textural wall-paper it is heavier, and therefore glue for work with them has to be special, its expense will increase. Primer will require about 90 grams, and for pokleyka from 32 to 38. Pay attention when choosing that such special structures usually have the Super or Premium prefixes in the name. Popular flizelinovy wall-paper also kletsya on special glue, and if you have chosen wall-paper on smooth basis, it is necessary to spend from 30 to 32 grams of structure for square meter, and here if not relief – from 25 to 30. For primer it is necessary to take paste in calculation of 70 grams on square. Cullets have good adhesiveness, and therefore primer of walls under them requires smaller amount of mix, it is quite enough to apply 50 grams on square, and for pokleyka to use 25-30 grams. Pay attention and to what glue for fiber glass very "tenacious" therefore quite often it is applied to work with heavy coverings (vinyl, interlining), using the same scheme of calculation, as for cullets. When causing bigger number of structure, lumps and wet bubbles are often formed therefore in this case economy is not simply reasonable, but also is necessary.


You should not take with stock and the concentrated glues, additive which has ability "to corrode" thin layer of material to provide adhesion large-scale usually is their part. Therefore for primer the concentrates need to be parted proceeding from basic calculation of 90 grams on square, and for pokleyka – 15-25 grams, no more. Professionals recommend to learn the area of the repaired room before independent pokleyka of wall-paper. Besides, special attention should be paid studying packing of glue. On the back boxes or packages it will be specified to what type of wall-paper there corresponds this glue what consumption of glue is necessary to you.

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