How to calculate compartment doors

How to calculate compartment doors

Before the order for production of compartment doors it is necessary to measure precisely I will eat in which they will be established. You have to follow measurement algorithm accurately. Carry out everything carefully and attentively.


1. Measure aperture height (In aperture). You make removal of the size in several places, with step about 600-700 mm. The difference of height has to be no more than 15 mm. For height of aperture we choose the minimum value of height. Make sure of lack of bias of floor, otherwise doors of compartment will roll down.

2. Measure the aperture width (Highway of aperture). As well as in last point, measure width of aperture in several places. The admissible dispersion is 20 mm, at the same time take the greatest value for width (the standard case for compartment doors which move perpendicularly to side walls is considered).

3. Measure the aperture depth (Of aperture). For this purpose it is necessary to decide on brand which you will take at first. Further it is necessary to learn width of guides of compartment doors. Usually it is about 82 mm. Then the minimum depth of aperture will be 82 mm too. However it is necessary to leave stock for possibility of adjustment by the 10-15th. From here, in given, example depth of aperture will be 100 mm.

4. Calculation of the size of compartment doors: Calculate compartment door height (In dv) by formula: In dv = In aperture - 40 mm. Compartment door width (Highway dv), consider on formula: a) For two doors: Highway dv = (Highway of aperture + 20 mm)/2 (20 mm are the size taking into account Schlegel of the first overlap of doors).b) For three doors: Highway dv = (Highway of aperture + 40 mm)/3, (40 mm are the size of two overlaps of doors).v) For four doors: Highway dv = (Highway of aperture + 40 mm)/4, (40 mm are the size of two overlaps of doors). Four compartment doors it is possible to arrange differently – as with two overlaps (it is more popular option), and with three overlaps.

5. For the fitted cupboards consider length of guides (D napr) on formula: D napr = Highways of aperture - 2 mmumenshat length for mounting simplification. Length of guides (D napr) for case cabinets is considered to be on formula: D napr = Highway of aperture of +40 mm.

6. Increase by 40 mm is necessary, for adjustment of the size in the place of mounting therefore, the size of the top and lower guides usually differs. This algorithm of calculation of width of doors of compartment is suitable only for direct cabinets. In case of angular designs, special programs for modeling are necessary.

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