How to calculate concrete volume

How to calculate concrete volume

It is impossible to build the house or build other building, without having at the same time the project in which everything including material consumption, and in particular, the necessary volume of concrete would be considered.

It is required to you

  • - basic data;
  • - calculator.


1. Before starting calculation of the required concrete volume, define base type (it can be column, plate and tape) and also its configuration. The choice of type of the base and its configuration is caused by soil bearing capacity on which construction of the facility is planned.

2. To calculate the tiled base, you need to know thickness of plate and surface area and also availability of such additions as stiffening fins, well and, naturally, their sizes. The minimum thickness of the tiled base is 10 centimeters. Pripustim, that the area of the built building is 36 sq.m (6х6), so filling of the plate base with the minimum thickness requires 36 sq.m x 0.1 m = 3.6 m3.

3. By analogy with the previous actions it is possible to calculate the necessary volume of concrete if thickness of layer of filling is, say, 20 cm or 30 cm. This indicator considers only filling of smooth plate, however in order that the base differed in bigger rigidity, it is necessary to make also stiffening fins which will give to plate resistance to deformation.

4. For flow calculation of concrete on stiffening fins it is necessary to know the extent of this constructive part and cross-sectional area of stiffening fins. For example, if edges are made through each three meters, then in the base of the built building (6х6) they will be six, that is, three edges lengthways and three edges across. Length of each edge is equal to 6 meters, and total length will be 36 m (6 m x 6). Thickness of edges corresponds 0.8-1 from base height. Thus, edge cross-sectional area at thickness of plate of 10 cm will be 0.008 sq.m (0.1 m x 0.08 m). At the same time on filling of stiffening fins 0.288 m3 (0.008 sq.m x 36 m) will leave. Add the concrete volume necessary for filling of the plate base, and volume which will be required for stiffening fins: the received size is also final indicator of consumption of concrete.

5. To calculate the column base, it is necessary to know quantity of columns and also their height and diameter. Find column cross-sectional area on formula S = 3.14 x R2 where R is radius. Then find the concrete volume necessary for filling of one column: increase cross-sectional area by column height. After that define the general consumption of concrete on construction of the column base, having increased concrete volume by one column on quantity of columns.

6. For calculation of continuous footing it is necessary to know the tape width, depth of underlay and its total length. Usually width of tape varies from 20 to 40 centimeters, and its height – 40-50 centimeters. Total length of continuous footing is defined as perimeter of external walls to which length of the tape located under internal walls is added. Multiply indicators: the result is necessary volume of concrete for filling of this continuous footing.

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