How to calculate cubic meters

How to calculate cubic meters

Often it is necessary to count volumes of different substances or objects in cubic meters. It is simple to make it in case it is, for example, about bricks or boards. It is enough to measure their three space sizes – length, width and height. But the situation considerably becomes complicated when carrying out calculations of liquid or rather liquid substances (cement, water, etc.) for what it is impossible to use measuring linear tools. In that case calculation can be carried out on formula.

It is required to you

  • the calculator, the sheet of paper and the handle in case of its absence.


1. Define what product you need to translate. If it is subject which can be measured by meter, then in determination of cubic meters there will be no problems. Just it is worth increasing the size of length, width and height measured in meters at each other. For example, length – 3 meters, height – 1 meter, width – 15 meters. Example of calculation – we multiply 1 by 15 and on 3. The work of sizes – 45 cubic meters (or cubic meters).

2. Pay attention that only the mass of substance, for example, of concrete can be known to you. In that case it is worth paying attention to substance density when calculating number of its cubic meters.

3. Carry out the following calculations when scoping. It is known that for each substance there is the specific weight which corresponds to the weight of one cubic decimeter or one liter (for liquids). So water has the specific weight equal to 1.0 kg/dm3. It means that 1000 liters will make one cubic meter. Thus, for determination of number of cubic meters, proceeding from the available weight, it is necessary to know the specific weight of this substance.

4. It is possible to measure cubic volume by one more easy way. For this purpose submerge subject which volume in cubic meters needs to be learned, in water. The volume of the forced-out water will be equal to subject volume. As you will count the specific weight of water about which speech went above, 1.0 kg/dm3, volume quickly enough.

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