How to calculate curtains

How to calculate curtains

Curtains at window are not just protection against bright sunshine or foreign views, blinds cope with this function not worse. Curtains are element of decor, they define the atmosphere of the room, give it special elegance and cosiness. At all it is optional to give fantastic sum to decorators. Everyone can sew beautiful curtains, the main thing at the same time is correct to calculate necessary amount of fabric. If the nobility what there are calculations of to make it absolutely easily.


1. The popular wisdom - "look before you leap" - is useful to you and when calculating curtains. But before beginning measurements, provide what curtains you want to see at the window. Curtains can reach windowsill, to be lower than it or to proceed to floor. Proceeding from this size, there will be length of future curtain. The curtain in the first option has to be 1 cm higher than windowsill, the second option will hang down below windowsill on 10-15 cm, the third curtains in order to avoid wear will have to come to an end 1 cm above floor. Length of curtain needs to be counted from eaves and it is obligatory to consider fabric consumption which will leave on product box. It is better to make all measurements steel tape measure, but not centimeter. The tape measure longer and to work with it much more conveniently.

2. You should measure by the next stage already strengthened over window eaves. Do not forget that the eaves have to be wider than the window and act from each its party at least on 15 cm. Now it is possible to start calculation of width of future curtains. This size will strongly depend on type of future curtains. For standard curtains, curtains with loops or eyelets width of eaves should be increased by 2, pencil folds or puffs will demand multiplication by coefficient 2.5-3. It is impossible to forget also about 10 cm from each party of curtain which will leave on podgib cloths on each side. By the way, the large repeating geometrical drawing will demand additional consumption of fabric, it needs to be considered when calculating too.

3. For descriptive reasons we will review one example. Length of eaves is 3 meters, curtains will reach floor and their height has to be 2.5 meters. We receive necessary amount of fabric for tulle, proceeding from the following formula. Height plus podgib top, plus podgib bottom = 2.5 + 0.10 + 0.15 = 2.75 meters. This size will be length of tulle cloth. Width will be the eaves length multiplied by 2, that is 6 meters. Length idle time of portiere will correspond to tulle length, and width should be separated into quantity of expected cloths. It means that on one portiere you need 3 meters of fabric. Do not forget to add when cutting the centimeters necessary on box of sides.

4. More difficult models of curtains will demand other calculations, according to their patterns. Therefore before getting to work on them, several times re-read the instruction for tailoring that to forget nothing. Also you remember, it is always better to be reinsured and take fabrics with stock, from the remained pieces it is possible to sew napkins for table, pillowcases for cushions, and here the lack of material can turn back real crash.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team