How to calculate life cycle of the brick house

How to calculate life cycle of the brick house

The brick is one of the most durable construction materials. Life cycle of brick houses makes about 150 years and depends on operating conditions. For today ceramic brick remains important material for capital construction as has excellent properties.

The factors influencing life cycle of buildings

Life cycle of buildings is defined proceeding from duration of functioning of the basic structural components, such as overlappings, floor, engineering systems, base and another. For calculation of this indicator the number of the held events for major repair and technical maintenance of buildings is considered. Eventually designs and elements of constructions wear out, lose initial properties. In this regard, brick houses are not exception. Over the years durability of structural components decreases, heat-insulating properties considerably worsen.

Influence life cycle of brick buildings:

- quality of the construction materials used at construction; - regularity of the held repair events; - the constructive decisions applied at construction; - settlement density.

Types of wear of buildings

Distinguish moral and physical iznos of buildings. The physical wear is calculated by means of special tables. The indicator of physical wear is equal to the specific weight of wear of separate elements to the total cost of the building. The obsolescence needs to be understood in terms of compliance of elements of the building to their functional purpose. In residential buildings this discrepancy can be shown in use of outdated engineering systems and architectural concepts. Today the construction market offers various types of bricks. Depending on method of production distinguish concrete, ceramic and lime sand brick. They differ not only externally, but also on the characteristics.

How to define life cycle of brick building

Life cycle of brick houses depends on that, house footing has been how qualitatively executed. If the base is built incorrectly, then over time there will be shift that will lead to emergence of cracks. Any construction process has to be carried out in accurate compliance with construction standards and technologies. Also operation duration directly depends on groundwater occurrance. As for quality of the brick, if at its production quality cement and modern technology of roasting was used, then the house will stay not less than 200 years. Significantly the increased humidity can reduce life cycle of designs. Therefore it is very important to isolate walls reliably. For calculation of life cycle of brick buildings the standard coefficients Construction Norms and Regulations are used. Estimating condition of separate designs, get life cycle of all construction. The set of wear of roof, framework, floors, ladders, partitions, interior and exterior finish indicates life cycle of buildings without repair. As practical exact calculations for determination of durability of buildings do not exist, the system of definition of degree of durability of separate designs is applied. In this regard distinguish the first degree of life cycle - 100 and more years, the second – up to 50 years and the third – 20-50 years.

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