How to calculate utilities

How to calculate utilities

The sums of utility payments are determined by local authorities or self-government. To calculate the amount in each case, it is necessary to know tariffs.

It is required to you

  • - calculator;
  • - sheet of paper;
  • - pen.


1. Utilities consist of set of factors. In the receipt the type of payment and the sum which is added for this service is always specified payment of utilities. The first point specifies maintenance and repair of premises. Tariffs are established in committee on tariffs of the specific city. Points enter this type of payment: management apartmentof house, contents, running repair of common property in multifamily house, cleaning of the parcel, cleaning of refuse chutes, the maintenance of elevators and intra house gas network. These payments are raised is not dependent on the number of the living people.

2. The number of the registered residents will affect when charging payment for water and gas in case consumption pays off authority. If on them counters are installed, then payment does not join in the general receipt. In this case payments for use of natural resources are made on separate receipts, and the number of people on this living space will not be considered. The electric power is also paid separately.

3. The rent depends on the occupied space. Payments for possession of the area over the established norm are raised from citizens. For lonely norm - 33 sq.m, for two people - 42 sq.m, for 3 and more - 18 sq.m from total area on each family member. When accounting living space the heated rooms - loggias and balconies are considered. And here bathtub with toilet will be considered.

4. It is possible to save on payment of utilities if any time nobody lived in the apartment. Utilities for days lost will not be charged. It is necessary to provide documents in accounts department for confirmation of absence and recalculation. For example, road tickets will confirm that some time you were on vacation and did not use housing.

5. Payment of TV broadcast and radio is specified in the column ""Other expenses"". For reduction of utility payments it is possible to turn off unnecessary services in the companies which are responsible for their giving.

6. Utility payments are charged in accounts department and translated to management company. Knowing applicable fares, it is possible to check calculations.

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