How to calculate wooden ladder

How to calculate wooden ladder

The wooden ladder in the house begins with the optimum choice of the place for its placement, calculation of number of flights, steps, the size of ladder step. Safety and comfort of operation in many respects depends on correctness of definition of these indicators.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure
  • - paper
  • - handle
  • - calculator
  • - plan of the house


1. Study technical data sheet of the house and choose the room which is the most suitable on width, height and assignment for mounting of ladder for the house. If in the house there is big living room, it is better to equip ladder there.

2. Measure height from floor on the first floor to floor edge on the second floor. This indicator is leveling fix point of calculation. If calculation of ladder is made at repair stage, then the distance needs to be counted taking into account possible changes of height after arrangement of false ceilings or "heat-insulated floor".

3. Calculate quantity of steps in ladder for the house. For this purpose divide total height into the size of desirable step. With height of 3.2 meters and height of step of 185 mm the quantity of steps will be equal to seventeen.

4. Calculate width of gait of wooden ladder. This indicator can be in range from 130 to 225 mm and determines the area in interior which the ladder can occupy. For determination of length of ladder along floor covering it is necessary to increase quantity of steps by width of gait and to add the technical size (distance on attack of the first step, on average, of 80 mm).

5. When calculating ladder for the house in multi-storey buildings consider the overlapping height which can be 30-35 cm.

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