How to carry out autumn sanitation of the greenhouse from polycarbonate

How to carry out autumn sanitation of the greenhouse from polycarbonate

The majority of the modern greenhouses having covering from polycarbonate are calculated on long operation. Therefore regular care for it in respect of purity and order will be important action. The fall - is a high time to carry out necessary works without haste.

Why to wash the polycarbonate greenhouse

Nobody should be convinced that during harvest season of plant are always inclined to defeat by diseases and wreckers. Completely it is impossible to be exempted from such ""invasion"" for 100%. It is necessary to take measures to reduce their quantity. Easy and cheap way is washing of polycarbonate covering and metal connecting framework, designs. It is better to make sanitary works in the fall, but if desired it is possible to postpone for early spring.

What to begin with

Cleaning of all struck vegetable remains from beds, the tying-up twine and ropes which are the center of collecting diseases and haven of wreckers for wintering will be the first action.

What is necessary for work

For targeting of purity in the greenhouse of 3х6 m in size it will be required:

- one bucket of warm water to prepare working soap solution;

- soft rag or sponge;

- brush on stick to wash out high places and roof;

- the sprayer, two pure buckets for it to wash away soap solution. Who has water supply system, to wash out all parts in the greenhouse even more simply.

You should not use abrasive materials and the strong washing means. It is possible to damage UF-polycarbonate covering.

As well as from what to prepare solution for washing

Laundry soap will be the simplest and safe means. It is possible to replace it with tar soap. Why soap? For its production use natural natural substances, without applying chemical dyes and fragrances. It has alkaline reaction that does not do harm to the soil.

Work requires bucket of warm water: in it dissolve a little planed soap knife, stick stir up and start polycarbonate washing. It is possible to make in a different way. To soap rags (sponge), soaking it in water.

The most problem places in the greenhouse are side lower tier where plants adjoin to polycarbonate. By the end of season these places have sometimes greenish shade.

Wooden box for beds and other wooden parts it is possible to whitewash lime with addition of copper or iron vitriol.

Galvanized and metal parts also should be washed out. At emergence of rust they are painted.

The same works carry out also in the glazed greenhouses.

After the end of cleaning it is desirable to wipe the greenhouse with dry rags or to air.

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