How to carry out to the house of communication

How to carry out to the house of communication

The comfort of owner-occupied dwelling depends on availability of the systems of the sewerage in it, water supply, heating. Process of wiring and mounting of communications is difficult, but knowing sequence of works and their feature, all it is possible to make with own hands without involvement of experts.

It is required to you

  • - sewage and water pipes
  • - shovel
  • - fitting
  • - heater cable
  • - polyurethane foam
  • - heat insulators


1. The owner-occupied dwelling is considered modern only in case of availability in it engineering systems: water supply, assignment of drains, heating. Mounting of lines of communications is begun according to the project of construction at stage of laying of the foundation.

2. For branch and cleaning of drains in owner-occupied dwelling use septic tank. Irrespective of its design, in it drill the opening corresponding to diameter of sewage pipe (110 mm), located below soil freezing point. At the same depth lay the pipeline towards the house, considering that the bias to septic tank has to make 1-1.5 cm by 1 running meter of pipe.

3. To optimum carry out communications at base marking stage. In this case on soil note entry point of water supply system and sewage pipe which have to defend from each other not less, than on 1.5 m. Then form trenches by depth below point of freezing of soil taking into account the required bias and mount engineering networks. If the house is already built, pipes stack at the same depth, but the entry point can be placed in base wall (if it is tape) or in house wall.

4. The trench bottom under sewer pipeline is leveled, condensed, fill 5 cm of sand. Pipes warm in two ways: or mount box from sheet polyfoam 5 cm thick, or envelop rolled fibrous heater (glass wool, the minvat, etc.). To eliminate risk of freezing of the pipeline, mount heater cable. It or reel up around pipe in the form of spiral with step 30-40 cm, or fix to it in a straight line. There are heating cables which pass in pipe, but for sewer this method of heating is not recommended because of risk of emergence of blockages.

5. Wiring of water supply system is in many respects similar, but has the features. The house owner should know that between point of water intake and septic tank there has to be distance not less than 15 m. For water supply of owner-occupied dwelling use either well, or the well. The external pipeline is laid at depth below soil freezing point. The bias of system of water supply system has to be towards water intake point (1-2 cm by 1 m) as it will facilitate dumping and rising of water.

6. For external water supply system it is necessary to use pipes with a diameter not less than 32 mm. Irrespective of material of which they are made the communications need warming. For protection against freezing of water and rupture of pipes the experts recommend to use heater cable, tape with aluminum covering, Teploizol. Pipes can be laid on polyfoam and, having filled up soil, to duplicate the warming layer over the pipeline. The entry point of communications to the house is pressurized by means of polyurethane foam.

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