How to change illumination

How to change illumination

By means of competent illumination it is possible to change color and light scheme of the room, to allocate or shade its some parts. What there are ways of decorative illumination today and how competently to organize interior illumination?

It is required to you

  • - lamps and the tool for their mounting;
  • - LED tape.


1. First of all, be defined – that you would like to change by means of illumination. As a rule, decorative illumination in interior is used for: - highlighting of various ceiling designs from gypsum cardboard or elements of floor (for example, podium on which the bed in the bedroom is established); - illumination window them, wall niches, cabinets; - illumination of separate parts of interior (pictures, table-top, figurine); - zoning of the room by means of color and light accents.

2. Having decided on the choice of the place for illumination, decide what you want illumination – narrowly targeted spot of light or continuous light tape. Decide what color of illumination will approach your interior. Perhaps, you want to use some lighting effects in illumination. This moment also should be thought over.

3. Go to shop behind illumination. dot built in or laid on lamps, LED lamps, LED tapes – monochrome and full-color, fluorescent lamps can be its source. The illumination mounting mode depends on the chosen option. For assembling of the recessed lighting fittings most likely to be necessary the help of the expert, and here for other light devices it is quite possible to manage by own efforts. The easiest to establish LED tape. Its flexible surface with LEDs is easily mounted on surface with any geometry. LED tapes for interior, as a rule, have the gluing basis. And therefore no additional tool for their installation will be required.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team