How to change match

How to change match

The Zippo lighter can serve to you long enough if it is correct to use it. But it becomes frequent even at right operation of the device match thin and uncombed. Whether it is possible to change independently match on the lighter that it served you faithfully still for many years?

It is required to you

  • Tweezers, scissors, screw-driver


1. If the match of the lighter was torn, do not hurry to change it. For a start just tighten it up, and cut off the burned piece on windscreen level. You remember at the same time – the match is longer, the lighter flame is higher. Take out the lighter (insert) from the body as for gas station. Turn off spring with stone and carefully tweezers take out all felt. Evaluate match length in the lighter.

2. From outer end undertake tweezers match and accurately bring up him until full exit of the burned part of match from the lighter body. Bite off with nippers the burned-out part of match and tweezers level match.

3. Accurately correct internal part of match, lay upside-down felt and twirl stone. Insert insert into the body.

4. If all of you have decided to change completely match, get insert from the lighter body. Invert it, carefully turn off the screw. Take out feltgasket.

5. Tweezers get all cotton stuffing from the insert. Place match in insert, having stretched it from below through opening by means of tweezers. Now gradually stack cotton filler back in insert, doing it wavy. Insert feltgasket.

6. Make sure that in opening for flint nothing remained. Place flint on the place, insert spring and twirl the screw. The screw has to be twirled so that it was possible to close the lighter with ease. Length of match has to coincide with windscreen level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team