How to change Teng in the machine

How to change Teng in the machine

The algorithm of actions when replacing heating coil is in the washing machine depending on the brand and model of the unit. As example it is possible to consider replacement of TENa on the front-loaded washing machine of Ariston.

It is required to you

  • - screw-driver;
  • - new heating coil;
  • - key;
  • - liquid soap or liquid for washing of ware


1. Make sure that the washing machine is switched-off from current network. Merge residues of water.

2. Remove the machine and install it so that to get free access to its back wall.

3. Unscrew the fastening bolts located on cover in socle zone of the machine. Dismantle cover.

4. Attentively consider and remember arrangement of wires. On side terminals there are power supply contacts - phase and zero. Usually, it is wires of blue and red color. On the middle terminal the earth wire is located. As a rule it flavovirent color. Between contacts of power supply and the body there is temperature recorder connector. Not to mix wire at assembly, it is recommended to sketch or photograph their situation. Accurately disconnect all wires from heating coil.

5. Slightly weaken the nut located in the TENa center by means of special key. Nut bolt fix the rubber sealant serving for connection sealing. Drown fastening elements inside. Thanks to it sealant will weaken and you will be able to take TEN.

6. Take flat blade screwdriver and, hooking it heating coil, take it.

7. Grease laying of new heating coil with liquid for washing of ware or liquid soap. It will simplify the TENa installation.

8. Establish new heating coil. For this purpose it is necessary to insert it into tank and to pressure slightly him. Make sure that TEN has entered the slot and its far-away country was hooked for the directing bracket.

9. Tighten nut. Connect electrical wires. Check correctness of connection, being verified with the picture taken earlier or the drawing.

10. Turn on the washing machine and make sure of tightness of connections. If necessary, tighten stronger tension nut.

11. Establish back cover, having fixed it by bolts. Park the washing machine into place.

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