How to change the apartment

How to change the apartment

You were bothered by monotony of your nest? There is a wish to change something, but not to spend lot of money, time and nerves for full repair? Then think of small apartment renovation. Perhaps, whitewashing of ceiling and walls painting will refresh interior. And bright spots on all apartment will give to the house mood.

Repair – business costly, but if capital it is necessary at least once in 7-10 years, then easy renovation it is possible to do time 2-3 years. For this purpose only desire and a little money is necessary.

Begin repair with that room most of which of all does not suit you. Perhaps, you will have enough it to understand, you need changes or not. 

For a start exempt the room from furniture absolutely, or, at the worst, move it from walls. If on walls wall-paper which you want to change, then, without hesitating, tear off them. In especially strong places use the palette or wide knife. But it is necessary to unhang wall-paper, sincerely I advise not to glue new wall-paper on old. There is probability of bevel or formation of bubbles. By the way, if you do not want to re-stick wall-paper, then it is possible to buy photowall-paper and to change with their help at least one wall. In any room they will look to the place if to pick up under the general style.

Walls can also be changed by means of ceramic tile, artificial or natural stones, decorative bricks. All this looks beautifully and comfortably.

Ceilings can be whitewashed whitewashing if they are those. If ceiling at you tiled or tension, then it is possible just to wash warm soapsuds in rooms with the increased humidity (kitchen, the bathroom) or just to extend dust by means of the vacuum cleaner. If you have decided to change ceiling, ceiling tiles will be the most budgetary, than tension.

The floors laid by parquet or wooden boards can be oshkurit, hammered slots and again to paint or process varnish. If you have decided to replace floor completely, then you need to level it, having made tie. Also do not forget to lay sound insulation that your footfall was not heard to neighbors from below on floor.

Now, when the main repair is made, it is possible to pay attention to trifles. These are any regiments for books and flowers, fastenings for cabinets and mirrors. What hangs on wall you fix thoroughly. Otherwise your creation will fall down floor sooner or later. Also it will be good if only on floor, but not on your child or on you. Glasses on windows and doors can be washed soapsuds and to wipe dry. Also to wash wooden parts of door water, and after to process polish just for decoration. Polish will hide small cracks and will refresh exterior.

After all manipulations with repair it is only necessary to place all furniture in the room. It will be remarkable if you decide to update exterior of upholstered furniture, having added on them pillows of different flowers or couple of soft toys. Also new look to the room will be added by the updated clothes for windows.

After such easy repair it is possible to lay down with peace of mind in pillows and to enjoy beauty which you have personally created. The made repair by own efforts is always appreciated above, than ordered. And not only because it is cheap, but also because of heart and soul put in it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team