How to change the bathroom

How to change the bathroom

The house is fortress where we have a rest, we eat, gain strength before the next difficulties. There is in the house room calculated on full relaxation and the pacification is bathroom. It helps us to get rid of working strength, to collect the thoughts, to sing favourite songs. The interior of the bathroom needs to be updated as this place influences mood and external condition of the person.

It is required to you

  • - paint for the bathroom
  • - sticker sticker
  • - glass compartment screen
  • - paint for glass
  • - "heat-insulated floor" system
  • - glasses for brushes
  • - hooks
  • - soap tray
  • - laundry baskets
  • - mirror
  • - gypsum cardboard


1. Light and warm shades will be suitable for the bathroom. Bright colors in the small room will irritate eyes. If for you warm colors look dullishly, then it is possible to use several shades, with prevalence of quiet flowers.

2. In the bathroom often the look falls on ceiling. There are several decisions for transformation of ceiling. It is possible to use false ceilings, special paints for damp rooms or decorative stickers which well are suitable for decoration of rooms. Remove from eyes the bathroom the sticking-out pipes. It is possible to make it by means of products of plastic and gypsum cardboard.

3. The form, the size and color of mirror in the bathroom is of great importance too. Get big mirror with illumination. It will add to your bathroom of originality and style. Replace normal blind with more convenient and reliable compartment screen.

4. In many old houses in the bathroom there are windows in kitchen. Buy special glass paints and decorate window as advertizing stained-glass windows. During the winter period the tile in the bathroom becomes almost ice. Get and install the system of heat-insulated floors in the bathroom. The heat-insulated floor in the bathroom will make all procedures more pleasant.

5. Buy new functional and modern regiments for the bathroom, colourful laundry baskets. Change glasses for brushes, hooks for towels, soap trays.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team