How to change the lock

How to change the lock

Need of replacement of the door lock can arise in case of loss or breakage of key or failure of the lock. And if you have suddenly lost the passport together with flat keys, it is necessary to change locks immediately not to push luck.


1. Locks are different therefore rules of their replacement can also differ. Certainly, it is the simplest to change the padlock – to buy new is necessary just. More difficult the situation is with consignment notes and box locks.

2. For a start be defined what type of the lock is required to you. Box locks equip timber doors, and recently such locks are mounted also on door metal. In the latter case independently you will manage to mount the lock hardly. Consider that insert of the lock in timber door significantly reduces durability of door assembly.

3. Scarves are used much more often, it is simpler to change them. However, certain skills of work with the tool nevertheless will be required. Begin replacement with measurements of dimensions of the lock which will approach to your door.

4. Upon purchase of the new lock make sure of its serviceability, check availability of set of keys. The majority of locks have fixing parts in set. If fixture is absent, buy necessary fasteners, certainly, taking into account the sizes of your door and features of the lock.

5. Exempt door from the old castle. Try on the new lock on the former place. Consider that it can precisely not approach in the place of setting of the former locking device. It is desirable to have upon purchase of the new lock at itself former to pick up the product which is most corresponding to the old castle on dimensions, the sizes of mounting holes and other parameters.

6. If operational development of door in the place of fastening of the new lock is required, stock up with chisel and the hammer. When performing some operations the drill can be necessary.

7. Check again put lock for working capacity at first at open door. When closing and opening the lock, excessive efforts should not be required. If the key turns easily, it demonstrates the correct mounting.

8. Then check that the door with the put lock freely opened and closed. If somewhere there is gearing, eliminate it.

9. Finally check how the lock at the closed door works. If the operability of the lock does not cause complaints, congratulate yourself on another victory on the home front.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team