How to change the sensor of phases

How to change the sensor of phases

The sensor of phases is located on back cover of the drive of distributing shafts of the car. The operation principle of this device is based on Hall's effect. If necessary the sensor can be replaced with the hands.

It is required to you

  • - socket wrench No. 10,
  • - new sensor of phases.


1. If you have noticed any malfunctions in operation of the device, it is necessary to check its working capacity. It is simple to make it. It is necessary to turn off bolts and to nominate the sensor approximately to 15-20 millimeters, at the same time, without removing the connector.

2. Then it is necessary to start the car engine. The fault bulb has to light up.

3. The sensor needs to be installed back and to wait 20 minutes. Later this time (at the running engine) the bulb of fault has to go out if the sensor is serviceable. If the bulb continues to burn, the sensor has failed and needs under repair or replacement.

4. If necessary to replace the sensor, disconnect wire from the accumulator battery minus terminal.

5. Wring out fixer.

6. Disconnect wire bundle block from the sensor of phases.

7. Turn out attachment bolts of the sensor of phases.

8. Remove the sensor.

9. Install the new sensor of phases and fix attachment bolts.

10. Attach wire bundle block to the sensor.

11. Clamp fixer.

12. Attach wire to the terminal of the storage battery.

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