How to check heating coil

How to check heating coil

Tubular heating coils or TENy are used in many household devices. Quite often the users of such devices who are engaged in independent repair want to find out whether the heating coil is serviceable or it needs replacement. For check of TENa the minimum knowledge from the field of physics and normal tester is required.

It is required to you

  • - serviceable heating coil;
  • - tester (ohmmeter);
  • - control lamp.


1. If you have spare heating coil of suitable standard size, use it to make sure of serviceability of the device installed in engineering device. Disconnect TEN which needs check. Connect obviously serviceable heating coil to the device. If the device begins to work, giving the required temperature indicators, "native" TEN is faulty and is subject to replacement.

2. In the absence of replacement use tester or the control lamp for check of TENa. Disconnect the thermostat and heating coil from the device, for example, from the water heater. Connect tester or the control lamp to TENa conclusions. If the lamp lights up or the arrow of the device deviates, then the heating coil is serviceable.

3. The same way check operability of the thermostat to which the heating coil is connected. For check give tension on terminals to which TEN fastens.

4. In the presence in household of ohmmeter check TEN for "pro-ring". Connect device conclusions to ohmmeter and measure resistance. If it is equal to infinity, it is the evidence of possible break. If resistance is absent, then short circuit in heating coil takes place.

5. In the absence of control devices check operability of heating coil of the water heater by short-term connection it to power supply via the thermostat. Before check take out element from the device. Heating to temperature of 40 degrees has to happen no more than in 5 seconds.

6. If you have no necessary tools and experience of the address with electricity, address for check of operability of heating coil in specialized workshop. Also it is not recommended to sort engineering device for check if guarantee requirements extend to it.

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