How to check lamp for projector

How to check lamp for projector

Fans of movie theaters often seek to create the similar atmosphere and houses, buying remarkable digital equipment, including the speaker system and projector which allows to reproduce favourite movies, animated films and other video files from the computer directly on wall. Thus, people receive some kind of movie theater directly at home. To derive pleasure from such home theater, it is important to choose correctly the main part – projector. Upon its purchase it is necessary to pay attention to its many characteristics and work, and mainly to lamp.


1. Projector lamp – the most important part of the digital device. In case of its maloperation or breakage, it will be very difficult to fix problems and the main thing is expensive. In order that it did not happen lamp it is necessary to check at the time of purchase. It is necessary to make all actions for check of projector lamp in special gloves, it is impossible to touch fingers glass part of lamp at all, greasy prints can lead to distortion of the image further and even to explosion of lamp at inclusion.

2. Take box with lamp for projector and attentively examine it from all directions. At visual examination the box has to be ideal without visible damages, openings and dents.

3. Make sure that on box there is special marking. Such marking is applied on all factory fabricated and passed special test lamps. Open box and glance inside. The lamp for projector, has to be packed into additional packaging material (special film, dense cardboard, etc.).

4. Take accurately lamp for projector from box. Examine it. It has to be ideally clean and transparent. On glass and plastic part there should not be dust, drops of condensate, glue and other foreign substances at all.

5. Examine lamp from all directions on mechanical damages. All components of projector lamp have to be integral and not have any seams, chips and cracks.

6. Check lamp glass. It has to be transparent and clean. Very often modern producers instead of windshield use special lens, in that case it has to be without visible damages. See all connections on lamp. At the same time it is important to know that not one part of lamp for projector should not be unsteady, all bolts of the lamp module have to be screwed densely up. The exception is made by bolts for fastening as they will need to be twirled after installation of lamp in the device.

7. Insert lamp into projector, observing at the same time the installation instruction which can be found in box with the acquired lamp or projector. Include projector and direct beam to wall. Evaluate initial luminescence and luminescence after start of video of the file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team