How to check stainless steel

How to check stainless steel

Stainless steel is the simplified household name of stainless steel which part the alloying additives are. Quantitative and qualitative composition of additives various therefore there is a lot of grades of stainless steel. As it is easily possible to understand by the name such steel, that is oxidations on air or in water are almost not exposed to rustiness process. How it is possible to check whether steel is stainless?


1. Place product in the container with the concentrated solution of copper vitriol (copper sulfate). If product big by the sizes – you can apply to it the tampons, the wetted in this solution.

2. Next day look what result will be. If steel normal, that is rusting, you see reddish raid. If such raid is not – this stainless steel. The test is based that iron as more active metal, forces out copper from its connections: Fe + CuSO4 = FeSO4 + Cu. The forced-out copper will accumulate on surface of iron product in the form of well distinguishable reddish raid. It will occur if only iron and carbon, that is steel rusting are part of steel.

3. Carry out the test and with chloride sodium which is also known as table salt. For test make the concentrated salt solution. After that place your product there. For reliability wait at least two days better (though in some cases the result is shown much earlier). On the surface of normal steel rust traces will be visible, stainless steel will remain without changes.

4. Check stainless steel by means of small file - file. For this purpose rub it on product cut if it does not change color, then it is stainless steel and vice versa if you see yellowness - the product is made of alloy on the basis of copper.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team