How to check the compressor on the fridge

How to check the compressor on the fridge

The fridge is in each house today, but, as well as any difficult technical device, it can fail. The most frequent cause of breakage – fault of the compressor. What signs of the malfunctions which have arisen in the compressor can be how to diagnose them and to eliminate?

1. During the operation of the fridge extraneous noises and knocks are heard. Check condition of the suspender of casing of the compressor by adjustment of bolts of the suspender. If the casing leans on 2 – 3 springs, then establish bolts so that between bottom of bolt and support there was slot in 8 – 10 mm. If the casing leans on 4 springs, then adjust its situation by movement down of brackets with springs. If on your fridge there is internal suspender of the compressor, then it is possible to repair only in special workshop.

2. The raised electric power expense. If you have in kitchen not 35-degree heat, near your fridge there are no heating and heating appliances, in network is absent raised tension, and the expense of the electric power obvious is more than put, means the motor compressor is faulty. Breakages in this case can arise as a result: a) vitkovy short circuits in winding; b) jammings of the rubbing parts of the motor; c) the increased compressor power. Unfortunately, these malfunctions independently cannot be eliminated. For more exact diagnostics and repair the fridge needs to be given to workshop.

3. Lack of cooling. Basic reasons of such breakage – freon leak, contamination of zeolitic cartridge, failure of the compressor. For more exact diagnostics turn on the compressor and touch delivery tube. If it heats up – there is no freon leak most likely. Check zeolitic cartridge: at contamination it will not be cooled. Finally to make sure of lack of leak of freon, approach branch pipe of the evaporator and listen – if there was leak and there is no freon in capillary, the characteristic sound made by oil-air mix will be heard. If foreign sounds are not heard, then the reason unambiguously in the compressor. Such breakage can be eliminated only in workshop.

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