How to cherenkovat grapes

How to cherenkovat grapes

If you had liked grapes which are grown up by your neighbors or acquaintances, do not hurry to go to shop and to buy the same grade, it can be received by means of cherenkovaniye. Such grapes keep in itself high-quality signs of maternal plant and besides, begin to fructify early.


1. Cut off rod top at the end of August, watching that each shank was not less than 30 cm in length and no more than 6 mm thick. Dig superficial trench, fill up it with sand and place shanks on storage.

2. At the beginning of March get shanks from storage and place in bright pink solution of potassium permanganate for disinfection. After that wash out them under flowing cold water.

3. Update cuts of shanks: below extreme kidney on 1-2 cm, above top - on 2-4 cm. The cut has to be in the bottom of straight line, and at the top of slanting. From below it is possible to leave eyes.

4. Wet shanks for 48 hours in cold water and add microdose of stimulators (aloe juice, natural flower honey) from calculation one tablespoon on water bucket. Cover the top cut of shank with paraffin.

5. Land the soaked shanks in containers for rooting. It is possible to use big cardboard packages from under juice. Soil has to be lung fertile, with large amount of organic fertilizers. It is better to use sand, the earth and humus in equal shares. Fill soil on package bottom, put in it shank and from above cover everything with earth, having left to stick out shank on 10-15 cm.

6. You will expose shanks on windowsill, excepting hit of direct sunshine, and from above cover with polyethylene film. The temperature will be higher, the quicker from bosom of leaf the pasynkovy escape will develop.

7. Water saplings often, but gradually, watching that excess water was not formed.

8. By the end of April begin to temper shanks, gradually accustoming to the external environment. For this purpose raise for a short time film, every day increasing period.

9. Rooting of shanks continues to the middle of May, after that saplings land on the constant place to the open ground. Take out saplings from container very accurately not to damage root system.

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