How to choose alternative heating of owner-occupied dwelling

How to choose alternative heating of owner-occupied dwelling

Alternative heating of owner-occupied dwelling gives the chance makes thrifty use of the environment, to save on heat carriers. It is possible to choose heliosystems, wind generators or geothermal pumps. The criteria of selection are applied to each look.

Heating of country house is traditionally carried out with use of gas boiler. But what to do if its giving happens to interruptions or owners completely want to refuse this way? There is possibility of the choice of alternative source of heat. Modern devices allow to protect from hard frosts, to save on heating. The combined and correct management of sources usually leads to the fact that costs are reduced.

Alternative sources of heat can be separated into two views:

  • Working as addition to boiler. In this case gas remains the basic, and other sources support its functioning only in peak loadings or in off-season.
  • Replacing gas boiler. They are understood as more powerful types capable to warm the house independently.

The heat carriers meaning the autonomous systems created with use of the latest technologies belong to the last type. The refusal of traditional sources of heat is often accompanied by use of the analogs which are not breaking ecology. Energy of the sun, wind force becomes such decision.

How to choose heliosystems?

The devices connected with transformation of solar energy are called heliosystems. Heating happens due to functioning of circulating pump. He delivers heat in batteries or convectors.

When choosing the attention is paid:

  • on power;
  • tension in different conditions;
  • quality of soldering;
  • availability of protective diodes.

Power is influenced by quantity of photo cells in solar batteries. There are standard standards obligatory to observance by all producers. For example, often on sale it is possible to meet 6-inch plates. They have the increased power and functionality.

The choice of the size is the important parameter as often people buy plate, independently cut it on the necessary parts. Experts do not recommend it to do as it leads to power loss.

It is simpler to buy standard panels in 100 Watts. They turn on 36-40 polycrystalline modules which are in one body. Such types are easily mounted, there are no difficulties and at their service.

When choosing study also features of the body. It has to be strong, easy, resistant to temperature drops and weather patterns, durable. The aluminum framework will become the excellent decision.

Heliosystems happen three types:

  • It often works in total with the electric heater. Temperature of the carrier is controlled with use of monitoring of sensors. At low-sunny weather it is necessary to connect electric heating as the collector begins to cope with the tasks badly.
  • Solar battery. It has the storage battery of high capacity. During the day it accumulates energy which can be applied in cloudy days or at night. If the area of solar panels corresponds to the construction size, they can be used quietly for creation of autonomous system.
  • Solar batteries with the investor and the controller. The system is connected to the electrical outlet. It is useful also the disk mechanical counter. If during the day the system develops more energy than it is necessary, the counter turns off kilowatts. What allows to save.

How to choose the wind generator?

As alternative source of heating it is possible to use wind energy. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the wind-driven generator correctly. Such the device are suitable for owner-occupied capital dwelling or giving.

Wind generators have different type, but systems with the horizontal system of rotation of the rotor have most become widespread. It is possible to choose such type as it has high efficiency, differs in easy adjustment in the power, reliable protection against hurricanes. Such version can work also at light breeze.

Wind-driven generators with vertical axis easily are installed, do not cause a lot of noise, but have smaller efficiency. Are most often used for heating of the small house.

Important parameter is power. For its definition at first it is necessary to calculate established by the power of the connected loadings. The received indicator increases at least by 10% for receiving stock of installation. At financial opportunity it is possible to add another 20-30%.

Heat pumps

If you decide to choose economic way of heating, it is possible to choose the heat pump. It works from the power supply network, transforms natural energy in warmly at home. If necessary it can be warm the only source.

There are two main types:

  • Full-fledged alternative to gas. Works irrespective of street temperature, provides any building with heat. But for its use it is necessary to have allotment that to dig soil collector.
  • Differs in more democratic price and simplicity in installation. Treats shortcomings that at subzero temperatures on the street of efficiency significantly decreases. Therefore it is better to use the mixed heating type, for example, when heat works at the street "inflation valve", and in the winter oil the electric generator.

Geothermal installations are divided into three views:

  • It needs to be stacked in the special trenches exceeding the level of freezing of the soil. Approaches in case house adjoining the site big, on it is not present trees.
  • Mounting will not require the big area, but boring installations are all the same necessary. Depth of the well has to be in the range of 50-200 m. This type is considered the most expensive.
  • Water placed. Economical the option applied energy of heat of water. Is established near reservoir. This of type is the main advantage lack of need to perform difficult laborious works.

In conclusion we will note: the competition among the companies which are engaged in sale of alternative heating services results in need of installation of more reasonable prices for installations. It is supposed that in the private sector such systems as public authorities also are interested in their alternative heating will be shortly applied.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team