How to choose antidecubital mattress

How to choose antidecubital mattress

Decubituses arise at people with diseases of the musculoskeletal device in places where skin is influenced by ledges of bones. To prevent their development, it is necessary to improve blood circulation in skin fabrics. The antidecubital mattress will help with it.


1. Making the decision on acquisition of antidecubital system, consult with the doctor and learn about possible contraindications to its use. The fact is that the people who have had spinal fractures cannot use such mattress.

2. Measure width and length of bed. The mattress should not support its limits.

3. Choosing antidecubital system, consider degree of decubituses of the patient. Give preference to cellular mattress for prevention and treatment of decubituses of the first and second stage. If they became deeper and have reached the third and fourth stage or the weight of the patient exceeds 110 kg, the mattress of balloon type is recommended.

4. Both cellular, and balloon systems, work by the principle of variable filling of cylinders or cells with air. Depending on model time of change of pressure in compartments takes from 6 to 8 minutes that renders effect of continuous massage, improving blood supply and by that removing the cause of appearance of decubituses.

5. Pay attention to availability at the antidecubital system of blowing that assumes presence at material of the microscopic openings serving for air circulation. Blowing saves skin from maceration and excess moisture, supports its microclimate in the normal state. It is especially important for heavy patients with the increased sweating.

6. Pay attention to material of which the antidecubital mattress is made. Oil-cloth it is easy in leaving: it is enough to wipe of it with soft rag. Also it is maintainable as it is applied to such system remkomplekt. However the rubberized fabric warmer and comfortable for the patient.

7. Take an interest in compressor noise level. As the device constantly is in working order, this level should not exceed 5-10 decibels comfortable for the person.

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