How to choose apple-tree saplings

How to choose apple-tree saplings

In the world there is huge number of grades of apple-trees. By different estimates of experts of their from 25 to 35 thousand. Of course, it is very difficult to choose suitable sapling from such quantity of grades. However, it is quite possible to grow up apple-tree practically in any region of our country and to receive from it excellent harvest if to adhere to councils of experienced gardeners.


1. In our country the selectors have removed set of the zoned grades. There are special catalogs of fruit crops taking into account climatic zone. As winters in our country are very severe, it is necessary to choose the most winter-hardy grades. Not to be mistaken with the choice, it is necessary to buy sapling from nursery of your region.

2. The following that it is necessary to consider — fructification terms. All grades of apple-trees are divided into early summer, summer, autumn and winter. On the site it is possible to plant several saplings and to receive harvest from June to October.

3. Important factor when choosing grade is the apple-tree size. If you have big site, then problems with the choice will not arise, but mostly garden sites in our country only 6 hundred parts therefore dwarfish and semi-dwarfish grades will be suitable for cultivation in the small territory.

4. So, have decided on grade of apple-tree, now it is possible to go behind its purchase. Saplings can be bought in the market, in specialized garden shop or the center, directly in nursery or in online store. Be attentive if you decide to order saplings through online store. As saplings — goods live, they can not sustain transfers by mail, the wrong storage and so on. But this way has also advantages. You do not need to spend excess time for circulation on shops or the market. Besides, often here much bigger choice of grades.

5. After receiving saplings attentively examine them. Tear off the remained leaves as they accelerate drying of plants. Place root system in damp fabric and envelop saplings film. Leave them per day or two, and then land.

6. If after all saplings were dried, it is indicated by the wrinkled inelastic bark. Put them for two days in water, so that it has completely covered trunk and branches.

7. Upon purchase of sapling in shop or in the market pay attention to quantity of branches on krone. Them has to be 4 or 5. The inoculation has to be located at distance of 7-8 cm from root. The sapling has to have healthy bark and roots.

8. If you have no opportunity at once to plant the acquired apple-tree sapling on the constant place, its prikopayta. Examine planting stock, remove all damaged places and its prikopayta in the shaded place, having carefully filled up roots with the soil. Then slightly condense it and water. In such look it is possible to leave sapling also till spring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team