How to choose armature

How to choose armature

Armature as the strengthening and strengthening member is used in construction long ago. However this important part of any design will regularly perform the functions only on condition of its right choice. The type of the reinforcing products intends for each sphere of construction.

The main destination of armature – perception of pulling stresses in reinforced concrete constructions and strengthening of concrete component in compression zone. External simplicity of this important element strengthening the most various building constructions that seems only at first sight. At complication of present level of the construction industry, increased requirements are imposed to armature. When choosing armature it is necessary to be guided by the sphere of its application since distinguish several types of this construction element.

Principal reinforcement

This category implies the reinforcing elements established by calculation according to which the product has to have the set durability, resilience to stretching. Choosing principal reinforcement (according to calculation), it is worth remembering what together with it is almost always used auxiliary (distributive); in the form of grid, different frameworks.

Flexible, rigid armature

In life, construction flexible steel elements are most often used. For example, flexible armature in the form of grids, separate rods, frameworks is used during the garden works, arrangement of greenhouses, hotbeds, for fastening of sanitary devices and strengthening of seams in brickwork. Corners, profiles, channel, the Tauri, double tee, etc. belong to rigid armature.

Choice of reinforcement units

At country house construction usually use armature of classes A1-A6. It the products representing rods, bars which surface has the relief drawing in the form of "braid" (periodic profile) for the best coupling with concrete. The hot-rolled method of production provides to these elements good resilience on compression, stretching. For construction of the base it is better to use material of class A2-A6. A1 (A240 brand) – smooth, core material which is recommended to be used as auxiliary element. If in marking of products designation "C" meets, then such armature can be used for welding, and letter "K" designates the increased resistance to corrosion. One more important selection criterion – section. The steel round article with periodic, or smooth profile will be suitable for the base. Pay attention to step of the ledges which are available on surface; the it is less between them distance, the better armature will be linked to concrete. Also diameter of the reinforcing elements is important. For construction of the bases of country houses usually enough armature with a section of 10 mm. At construction of normal residential buildings apply products with a diameter of 10-12 mm. If the building more massive, then is required armature with a section not less than 14 mm.

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