How to choose artificial grass

How to choose artificial grass

Many owners of garden sites prefer to use artificial grass instead of the real grass sods today. Unlike live lawn, such covering always looks well-groomed, does not change color on seasons, does not freeze at adverse weather conditions, and almost does not demand leaving. However getting artificial lawn it is necessary to know some features of such material.

It is required to you

  • - tape measure for calculation of the area under covering.


1. Before going to shop behind artificial lawn be defined where it will be laid and as it will begin to be used. Whether there will be it the playground, lawn in front of the house or the football field? In the first case you will need decorative coat, and in – the second - professional.

2. Choice of covering. Attentively consider artificial grass. The fact is that it represents the elastic basis into which fibers the imitating blades are interwoven. For creation of platforms with intensive loading (football fields, children's sports complexes) give preference to covering with polyethylene threads. Such grass quite soft, will not wound skin when falling, has no obvious plastic gloss, and its fibers do not escape from the basis even thorns on sports shoes. And here on platforms for golf and tennis you can pick up lawn with more rigid – polypropylene pile.

3. Think whether the substrate for artificial covering will be necessary to you. For some types of lawns the experts offer filler which does the basis to more elastic. It can be sand or rubber granules of different size. They provide excellent drainage and soften blows. For decorative lawns the lawn can be stacked without special substrate. It is rather simple to level soil.

4. Choosing artificial grass, consider that some types have persistent rubber smell. Generally this smell gives rubber granulate. Think whether you are ready to spend more funds for odourless covering.

5. Resolve issue of use of lawn in the winter. If you actively train on site in snow months, then it should be taken into account question of installation of special system of heating under lawn. Specify whether it is possible on the chosen lawn in winter time to fill in skating rink.

6. Choosing covering, consider all options offered by experts and compare length of pile (blades). This indicator at different lawns differs within 6-100 mm. Think what lawn will be more pleasant to you: dlinnovorsovy or short baize?

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