How to choose band-saw machines

How to choose band-saw machines

At band-saw machines the saw has appearance of the tape closed in ring which allows to carry out exact straight lines and figured pro-saws. This circumstance has allowed tape power-saw benches to become the irreplaceable tool by production of furniture, in construction, etc. Machines happen two types: on metal and tree.

It is required to you

  • - advertizing leaflets with price on band-saw machines;
  • - phone;
  • - computer with Internet connection.


1. Before buying the band-saw machine, evaluate the maximum diameter of preparations which you are going to process. If you cannot determine this size, take power-saw bench with small stock. For example, having preparation with the maximum diameter of 20 cm, take the machine with saw not of 20 mm better, and at least 27 mm. It it is necessary not just to have the equipment with great opportunities, but also to be satisfied with quality of cutting, firmness of the cutting tool, etc.

2. Then solve whether you will cut at an angle. The machine type depends on it. So for figured machine cuts the angular saw is used, and the power-saw bench has gate saw which turns and by that allows to recustomize corner pieces. If machine cuts only straight lines – the horizontal saw is applied. Such machine can be recustomized for cutting from a different angle, but at the same time it is necessary to turn it entirely or to deploy the roller conveyer with preparation.

3. Pay attention to design of basic column of the band-saw machine and thickness of steel of which it is made. Stability of the equipment, decrease in vibration during operating time, and also the resilience to the twisting resulting from cloth tension for sawing up depends on it.

4. Do not forget about safety controls. Choose the band-saw machine which has the motor with electrobraking, or it has available foot brake of saw. Additional options, for example, the indicator of tension of saw tape, the microswitch which prevents turning on of the machine at open doors, equipment parallel emphasis with measuring ruler, etc. will not prevent.

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