How to choose bath mat

How to choose bath mat

The good house interior consists of trifles. Not to spoil impression even from expensive repair, it is impossible to neglect small parts. For example, you can choose expensive plumbing and tile for the bathroom, but if at you instead of towels the washed-off rags hang, and the old piece of rubber acts as rug, the look will not be such smart. Therefore we recommend to you to treat the choice of bath mat more responsibly.

Types of rugs to the bathroom

Process of the choice of rug can be more difficult, than it seems at first sight. The rug should be chosen by the size and color - it is known by all. But there are rubber and silicone rugs, smooth and fluffy, acrylic and bamboo, with massage effect. How to choose from such variety?


Rubber rugs are available on sale, but they are not in great demand any more. Now products from cotton are popular: they are warm, soft, nice on the touch. On such rug it is pleasant to rise after shower! They dry quickly, it is easy to erase them, they keep the exterior long. When choosing rug from cotton pay attention - whether there is silicone substrate which will not allow to slide to rug on floor.


Mats will be suitable for the apartment issued in ecostyle. Make them of rattan - it is set of the thin ground levels which are bound among themselves. The tree is impregnated with special water-repellent structure, it increases durability of such rug. Bamboo rugs belong to the same category.


The rug from microfiber is good option for those who love comfort. Advantage of such rug - ability at once to absorb moisture. And still products from sectioned polyester have quite good antibacterial effect so they are quite often used in public shower.

For small

The children's rug can be chosen from rubber, acrylic or frothed polyvinylchloride. At them there is a lot of advantages: they are strong, soft, cheap, safe in use. Such bath mats can be erased in the machine.

In any household shop you will be able to pick up suitable rug for the bathroom. Be guided by own requirements, for example, the rug of hooks looks beautifully, but it malofunktsionalen, and rug on suckers ensures to you safety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team