How to choose bathroom accessories

How to choose bathroom accessories

If it is correct to pick up interior parts for the bathroom, then it is possible to turn the small room into stylish and harmonious corner where it will be possible to relax and make all necessary manipulations. Think over design and begin to fill the room with accessories.

1. Begin with the most necessary – you need to attach soap and accessories to toothbrushing somewhere. Your plumbing already on the place therefore it is necessary to select accessories under it – if visible part of pipes, cranes and mixers are made of the chromeplated metal, then it is better to choose supports under soap accessories corresponding (gray, metal, in the coloring close to basic color). The design of objects depends on what you want to see the bathroom – classically strict and without delicacy, romantic or in rural style.

2. Establish holders for towels. This element of interior has to be, first of all, functional. Holders in the form of bar or ring are reliable, but are less convenient, than rotating devices. If the room small, then is better to establish design on hinges which in folded form does not take a lot of place.

3. Establish shelves. They as separate functional subject, are necessary in case in the bathroom there is no furniture. Usually there is enough one glass or metal support over the washbasin and semicircular multilevel design over one of bathroom corners.

4. "Recover" interior color parts. Bright and unusual can be blind over the bathroom – look for something really interesting and not banal. Choose reliable materials – vinyl, fabric with water-repellent protector. If it is necessary to decorate glass or plastic screen which surrounds shower cabin, then consider option of waterproof applique and pay attention to registration of racks, bars. Floor mats, brushes for washing can be also color, but it is necessary to watch that the coloring and pattern did not clash with tile and floor covering.

5. Add several decorative elements. Usually the room with high humidity is decorated with the minimum set of parts therefore put one hygrophilous flower, decorate walls with interesting tile with the drawing, decorate mirrors on corners by drawing resistant pattern. Try to make the room such to be in it it was pleasant and comfortable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team