How to choose bed attic

How to choose bed attic

When choosing furniture it is necessary to take into account that color registration and style in which it is issued have to correspond to interior. Before purchase it is necessary to decide on exterior of the room where the bed will be placed after acquisition.

In furniture salons the wide model range in which there is set of sleeping complexes in different options of designs is provided. When choosing the significant role is played by color registration of the room - the white, beige, light lilac bed can be suitable for walls and interior in light pastel tones.

It should be noted that in the interiors issued under classics, the bed attic often looks a little strange. But in the majority of modern designs the design will perfectly look and will allow to allocate free space in the room.

How to choose color of beds

When choosing color it is possible to follow such rules:

  • For light interior it is necessary to choose light furniture. It not especially loads space, the room looks easy and air that is especially favorable to small rooms.
  • Dark tone of furniture can give it special appeal. In spacious rooms, dark colors of the frameworks made of natural wood well look.
  • Color options perfectly look in nurseries. Bright, saturated colors perfectly are suitable for the interiors issued in modern style.

The bed attic for two is often got for economy of the place in the bedroom of children. Berths are both below, and above. The design can be equipped with stationary ladder or design from boxes.

Height of beds can be any. Accurate rules concerning it do not exist. If owners consider acceptable, it is possible to lift berth under the ceiling. The space located under it can be filled with things. Under highly placed mattress often arrange sport centers.

What the sizes of berths are

The main function of beds from bar or other material – to provide to the owner comfort during sleep. The berth needs to be chosen on growth of future owner. Such designs are released:

  • 160Х80 cm – it is intended for children up to 10 years.
  • 170Х90 cm – for school students of 10-14 years.
  • 190Х90 cm – will be suitable for high teenagers and adults.
  • 200Х90 cm – double model.

Options of designs on which there are berths for two three and four people are developed. Stove benches with bigger width are for this purpose provided. In the design including three berths there is one single bed above and one double below. For four people – two double, above and below. The last option meets extremely seldom.

It is worth taking into account that the beds attics intended for adults will not be suitable for rooms with the small height of ceilings. The distance from berth to ceiling should not be less than 70 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team