How to choose blanket

How to choose blanket

The blanket is irreplaceable thing for dream. Each person third of the life sleeps, and some sleepyheads carry out to beds still the most part of the life. From that, the blanket is how correctly chosen, your comfort depends during sleep. And the dream is the best means of restoration of vital forces and energy. After day of work the majority dreams to appear in bed and to take cover warm, cozy blanket. It should be noted that it is necessary to treat the choice of blanket very responsibly and to proceed from personal needs.


1. Blankets happen several sizes: 1.5 inch tubings, double and euro. There are differences and in materials of which the blanket is made. There are various types of fillers of which the blanket is made: synthetic, natural, vegetable. And also blankets from sheep wool, from camel wool and from synthetic fiber.

2. When choosing blanket, it is necessary to be guided by own preferences first of all. On degree of warmth, blankets happen five various categories, and is normal, each category is marked with points: very warm (five points), warm (four points), normal or all-weather (three points), lung (two points), summer (one point).

3. When choosing category of warmth, it is necessary to consider your specific features. Whether happens to you constantly hot, or on the contrary - you constantly freeze. Also it is considered what temperature condition in your apartment. Whether you like to take cover heavy blanket or prefer that the blanket was weightless.

4. Choosing the blanket size, consider what size of bed linen you are going to use. If you sleep together, but under different blankets, it is more reasonable to buy two blankets of the 1.5 inch tubing, than two blankets of double.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team