How to choose breed of tree for construction

How to choose breed of tree for construction

Choosing material for construction of the house, it is necessary to consider not only esthetic characteristics and the price. Each breed of tree has unique complex of properties, differing among themselves on durability, durability, opposition to rotting, etc. The task of the practical builder is to find balance between the opportunities and inquiries.

Needles – the queen of building

Most often in low construction coniferous breeds of trees are used. They have high strength at relative ease. Besides, correctly processed needles have the record durability reaching 100 years of operation. For these competitive advantages the coniferous breeds of trees have practically driven deciduous breeds out of the market of construction materials.

One of the most popular species of tree for individual housing construction – pine, which main advantage in the high density of felling. Thanks to it, the house from pine has high zvuko- and heat-insulating properties. In the summer in such dwelling the cool, and in the winter - heat is created. It does not mean at all that the house can do without thermal system, but in use it is possible to save on energy resource significantly.

Besides, the pine is a little subject to rotting and other environmental activity. At construction practically does not dry out therefore in the dwelling it is possible to be installed directly after completion of construction.

Larch – the decision for severe conditions

High rates of resistance to external influence are characteristic also of larch. Houses from this breed of tree recommend to build in severe weather conditions. At the same time, the larch felling also possesses high rates zvuko- and thermal insulations.

Negative quality of this breed is strong shrinkage that affects terms of construction and cost of additional works in use.

Cedar breeds

High ecological rates are characteristic of cedar. This breed combines density, usability and also the increased durability. To all these qualities the breed is obliged first of all to the special structure of felling which consists of skintight fibers.

If the cedar is processed correctly, then in its structure harmful microorganisms are not got, and open time of structure creates pleasant aroma of essential oils of tree in the house. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team