How to choose brick

How to choose brick

At the moment on method of production it is possible to allocate two types of brick: silicate and ceramic. However there is set of combinations of the sizes and forms. But also, the surface of bricks differs among themselves in the color, the invoice.

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1. Decide for what purposes you need brick because different types of this construction material have various properties. So, for example, the red brick is universal. From it it is possible to put up the base, wall or the furnace; whereas the white lime sand brick collapses at influence of high humidity, fire, etc. Therefore it cannot be used for construction of the bearing support of buildings and also for flues, fireplaces and furnaces.

2. When choosing brick pay attention to its technical characteristics, and first of all to ability to resist deformations. Strength index is the brand which on goods is designated by capital letter of "M" with digits. This digital value displays loading which it is capable to take out brick on one square centimeter. For example, brand 150 demonstrates that this product is capable to sustain 150 kg on 1 cm2.

3. Do not forget about the second important characteristic – frost resistance. It is measured in cycles and Mrz or capital Latin letter F is designated. Be attentive, upon purchase of goods surely look at this indicator because the brick with lower cost can have frost resistance in 15 or 25 cycles, and for northern and central regions it is better that after the designation "Mrz" there was digit more than 35.

4. Choosing red brick, try that it did not contain unslaked lime pieces, otherwise over time it will begin to collapse. It is rather simple to find such inclusions: look at brick chip – its structure has to be uniform, without white dots. Also take the burned-up brick because it has no necessary thermal stability and is unstable to moisture. You will be able to distinguish such product on mustard color and characteristic deaf sound at blow (the qualitative brick rings). The burned-through bricks suit for use in construction only when they blackhave core and the form is not broken.

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