How to choose bunk bed

How to choose bunk bed

Try to find presently at least one child who would refuse possession of bunk bed. This model means the whole world, the real own house for the kid. Therefore when choosing such bed it is necessary to pay attention not only to its design feature, but also as far as it will be safe for your child.


1. Options of bunk beds in shops there is large number. For example, can show you model for one child where on the top tier the berth is located, and on lower - cabinet, sofa and desk. Such sofa can be also used as berth, especially, if in your family several children.

2. Such bed will be good in any apartment. If you have big nursery and two children, you without any work will be able to get two models. Then each kid will have certain own place (table or cabinet) behind which usually children look after better, than the general. And if the children's room in the apartment absolutely small or that is not present at all, then the similar bed consisting of two tiers will become your only rescue in constant fight for free square meters.

3. When choosing bunk bed, mainly, it is necessary to pay attention to its durability. It is worth checking her legs – they have to be steady and exclude any poshatyvaniye. It is not necessary to tempt itself with beautiful, figured props as their durability several times will be less, than at thick legs. One of the best ways to check durability of bed will be if to put it on the real trial, having independently got on the top tier. And you will have to do this action just as the child, but not as the adult. If the bed stands you, consider that test is undergone.

4. Height of side of the top tier of bed as they are created ensuring full safety during sleep will be one more not less important verification station. To be necessary to remember that its height has to be not less than 30 centimeters.

5. If you for some reason have no opportunity to examine bed before purchase directly in shop, then you upon purchase will need to be guided by the following rule. It is necessary to pay special attention to ladder as the main threat for children directly depends only on it. It has to be equipped with convenient hand-rail, and its installation has to be carried out not in vertical position, and more or less in the inclined state.

6. There is one more important criterion when choosing bed - it is material of which it is made. If all furniture in the children's room, is made of natural wood, then concern for the child, to be exact for his health will not be at all. Therefore the best that you can choose for the kid is furniture from natural wood, for example, from birch, oak or beech. In need of quality of more budgetary material will approach products from pine.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team